S. N. Desai.
Founder, Shri Yogendraji, left his only relation – his father and went to the jungle with his Guru. There he spent six months learning nothing. He then told his teacher to teach him something. The teacher, as if reminded, asked him to sit in a posture and went away for three hours, then came back and tapped the young boy on his shoulder and said, “That’s all for today.”

One single act of sitting continuously was the objective. That the learner has this kind of objective capacity is what is required. One has to be an Adhikari. To be an Adhikari is very important in yoga. Are we Adhikaris?

Yoga is only for those who are capable. Yoga does not require speed and show. What is required is quietening oneself so that beliefs can sink.

We can reach a steady state if an Asana is done well, but because of our temperament, we can’t enjoy the steady state. We change sides during the Asana, we think a lot. Apparently we do an Asana, but not in the way it has to be done. We are in a hurry.

We can overcome external problems like heat and cold through Asanas. If the body is in a certain state, the mind becomes steady and can be controlled. A simple test of an Asana done well is the achievement of a steady state of mind for a long time. Variety of Asanas is not required. But our make up is such that we can’t do even a single Asana well.